Feb 262012

Some of you know I am the CIO of a company that went into and out of chapter 11 restructuring in 53 days, completing with the sale of our company to a stalking horse private equity firm. I started with the company about seven weeks before our chapter 11 filing. What all of that means (for the sake of this story) is: My first four weeks were heavily influenced by taking out costs and conserving cash The next three weeks involved “discovery” and other processes leading to bankruptcy We spent 53 days [read more…]

Feb 082012
Padding estimates and promises

A few days ago, we uncovered an opportunity that depended a lot on timing. If we could get it going in five days, we could exploit it… if it took longer than that, the timing was going to impact some other strategic concerns. I asked a developer for an estimate of the effort, and he said it would take ten days to complete. About my own estimates I have always been sensitive to suggest my own estimates to other developers. My estimates nearly always scared others, but I had a [read more…]

Aug 242011
Catching up...

This post is an informational update since I know I have been silent for a little over a week now. I have had a lot going on, after all the losing my voice, coughing and turning in as soon as I get home from work, I feel like I just got over a ten-day flu. Anyway, I am about to head on vacation for the next ten days through Labor Day (USA), so I debated putting out one solid post, or just giving everybody an update and coming back in [read more…]