May 202012
The Design of Everyday Things

Last weekend I took my daughter and one of her friends to meet up with some other friends in her class to see The Avengers movie. On the way into the theater, I snapped the picture on the right. I’m not a great photographer, and I shot the picture with her iPhone (since I’d left mine at home… different story). It may not be obvious from the picture what is happening/has happened. Christie is pushing on the push plate of the glass door. She is actually leaning on it with [read more…]

Oct 032011
Bass guitar lessons, or professional development?

We had a piano in my house growing up – one of those black lacquer wooden uprights that we never tuned. And I never learned to play. My dad could play a little, and my mom didn’t at all. Then about five years ago I joined a professional discourse in which I heard the leader say something like: Freedom and liberty to perform come with practice and learning. If you never practiced the piano, you don’t have the freedom to play. It might as well be a nightstand you put [read more…]

Aug 042011
Who's responsible for the social identity of your organization?

Can you really rein in what’s said or written about your company? Do you use policies to enforce the rules? Do you still think social media is a fad? Last week, I read a post by Klint Finley titled “Study: Execs Aren’t Yet Sure What to do About Social Media.” It is a nice, short article, so I won’t mind if you jump over and skim it through before coming back here… If it is true that these executives “aren’t yet sure what to do”… Perhaps they are working on [read more…]