Jul 272011
User adoption and the psychology of names

There’s no clever title today, just a clever first sentence. Let me dive into this topic with some background. I’m helping a company with an internal portal strategy, and one of our concerns relates to user adoption. My concerns aren’t only about functionality. They aren’t just about usability. I also have a concern for naming. You see, this global company has a lot of paper forms, a lot of email, and many subsidiaries acquired over the last decade. Each of these matters to me when I think of how users [read more…]

Jun 022011
Resurfacing the Sun

“Since 1982, Sun has maintained that the network is the computer.” Now 29 years later, Sun Microsystems is a part of Oracle Corporation, but their original vision statement means a lot more to me than it did 10 or 15 years ago. To start, what network do you think Sun was intending? In a 2007 YouTube video, they refer to a “social revolution” that is “sweeping the world”. Since you are reading this post, no doubt you have your own assessments of what has been continually building through the ensuing [read more…]