Dec 192011
Cloud cover: Fads don't hide fundamentals

A few weeks ago, I received a call from a Microsoft partner who was promoting Microsoft 360 as the “cloud-based answer to all my Office needs.” [It is not really a quote, but that’s how I listened to his pitch.] Now, here I was thinking that Office was the answer to all my Office needs. Go figure. Many of you know that I consulted for 20 years, leading ultimately toward my current CIO role. Over that span of time, the course of my work required developing sales skills in addition [read more…]

Sep 172011
It's the software, silly

Earlier this week, Renee Troughton wrote about the confusion that sets in with the various definitions used to describe requirements in agile development: Epics, Themes, Stories, Features, MMFs, MVPs, MVFs, MMRs, Goals, Objectives, Tasks, etc. As I read her post, I caught myself thinking about whether the different distinctions really help me write better software. Meanwhile, Renee points out that people don’t always agree on the distinctions. Go figure, with so many ways to describe them. If producing software is our main objective, then we come up with distinctions to [read more…]

Aug 042011
Who's responsible for the social identity of your organization?

Can you really rein in what’s said or written about your company? Do you use policies to enforce the rules? Do you still think social media is a fad? Last week, I read a post by Klint Finley titled “Study: Execs Aren’t Yet Sure What to do About Social Media.” It is a nice, short article, so I won’t mind if you jump over and skim it through before coming back here… If it is true that these executives “aren’t yet sure what to do”… Perhaps they are working on [read more…]