Aug 012011
Leadership and team learning in unusual places

“There are very few reunions of Korean War veterans” – Fehrenbach, This Kind of War. Now, this is not a post about the Korean War. It is about incentives and the unintended consequences of some incentives on leadership and working together in a team. My study of this war came about when I realized all I knew about the era I learned from the series M*A*S*H. I am hardly an expert on the war now, but I want to share with you some of the background I have picked up [read more…]

Jul 272011
User adoption and the psychology of names

There’s no clever title today, just a clever first sentence. Let me dive into this topic with some background. I’m helping a company with an internal portal strategy, and one of our concerns relates to user adoption. My concerns aren’t only about functionality. They aren’t just about usability. I also have a concern for naming. You see, this global company has a lot of paper forms, a lot of email, and many subsidiaries acquired over the last decade. Each of these matters to me when I think of how users [read more…]

Jul 262011
How do you manage demand effectively?

You don’t manage demand. You can’t manage demand. It’s not a powerful question to ask because it’s not within anyone’s capacity to carry out. When our customers line up and take a number to make their requests of us, demand simply is. Though we may have processes in place to manage our limited resources, we should never be confused that we’re actually managing demand. As long as people have concerns to care for, there will always be demand. As long as technology can help take care of some of those [read more…]