Sep 122011
Getting started with a new agile team

Starting an agile project with a new team provides a great time to reflect on what we take for granted. It offers an opportunity to refocus on what we think is ultimately most important. We anticipate the questions new team members have. We see reservation as they engage teammates who have more experience. We’re ready for the moments they sometimes shut down or defer to others’ “leadership”, even as I hear them making sound observations and assertions, and leading the team in their own way. We watch their pensive expressions [read more…]

Aug 032011
Creativity, vision and visionary leadership

It struck me yesterday that vision in a business sense requires creativity, but that vision is not creativity. That is, we can certainly be creative without having vision. We could, for example, run around in our jammies with buckets on our heads. One space for creativity in business and technology is the space of “design”. To design anything is to plan, fashion or sketch out, so designers of strategies and designers of software plan or sketch out what they are producing. They take what is abstract and give it real properties, and [read more…]