I have included this page to give an alphabetical listing of some of my affiliations and relationships. I also reference this page from time to time in various posts.

American Laser Skincare

I am the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology at American Laser Skincare. In my capacity as CIO and as a member of the executive leadership team, my role involves creating, planning, leading and directing the information strategy for the company. I manage and direct the company toward its primary technology objectives in order to facilitate reaching our overall business objectives.

To be totally clear: This is my personal blog. The views expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my employer.

The Aji Network

I am not a representative of The Aji Network. I am and have been a student. I have learned a lot in my time with them that helps me to notice, observe, think and act with situations that I encounter or produce.For such knowledge, I feel like I would be holding back important help if I did not tell you once in a while about them. In addition, their teaching of distinctions that are new and powerful for me obligates me to reference them and give them credit. Here and there I will refer to them throughout my posts and give you links to their resources, but I am not an employee or formal associate of The Aji Network.

I am thankful for the help they have given me and the work they have put into building such a powerful business discourse. To be responsible with what I have learned includes acknowledging the history that has gone into their work well in advance of my showing up to learn it.

The Aji Network is rigorous, and study with them requires a significant effort. It is not for everybody. To set up an organization that seeks to produce top 1% business professionals means it cannot be for everybody. If working with The Aji Network interests you, please leave me a comment, connect with me through various social streams or reach out to them directly at http://theajinetwork.com.


As I started recommending more books in my posts, a friend recommended I get an affiliate account with Amazon.com. I debated for a few weeks, but decided it did not hurt anybody, and I do recommend the books. Anything I recommend, I have read and I preach as informational and helpful to my teams. Though I will shorten links that you find in the blog, the expanded version of the Amazon link includes the text ‘kenfawcom-20’, which is their handle for my account.

If you prefer not to use my affiliate links, don’t worry about it. Please look up the books that I reference anyway, as my first intention is that you might read them and find them helpful.

Loose Neurons

If you see it referenced here and there around the web, Loose Neurons reflects my personal brand. (By now, you might agree.)

It also reflects my interpretations of how professional networks of people come together to invent value. In the same way that neurons form connections as we learn new things (like playing the piano), we also reinforce those connections as we practice… and our work in the world gets a little easier. So it is with business networks – “networks of help” – and that is what I am always working to build.

That is, ultimately, one objective of this blog.

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