Aug 092011
I swear I'm gonna turn off Google Analytics...

This post takes a lighthearted and self-deprecating look at analytics and metrics. I will use myself as the first example (not the woman in the picture), because I recently caught myself in a surprising analytics story. I will also get more serious toward the end. As many of you know, I took on a recent project to move my blog to self-hosted WordPress. One thing I learned in this move was how I had slowly become addicted to analytics: How do Page Views (on change when I posted various kinds [read more…]

Jul 262011
How do you manage demand effectively?

You don’t manage demand. You can’t manage demand. It’s not a powerful question to ask because it’s not within anyone’s capacity to carry out. When our customers line up and take a number to make their requests of us, demand simply is. Though we may have processes in place to manage our limited resources, we should never be confused that we’re actually managing demand. As long as people have concerns to care for, there will always be demand. As long as technology can help take care of some of those [read more…]

Jul 122011
Unintentional "lies" in the software development field?

Marketing folks have learned a few things from software developers. It is funny to me that developers often speak of marketing professionals as if they mainly lie to people about what they want to hear (or as if that were a moral thing). I say that because it sometimes happens in our industry as well… maybe more often than we want to admit. 80% complete I remember when I was just getting started in software… senior developers would report their tasks being 80% done… and remaining 80% done for weeks [read more…]