Aug 092011
I swear I'm gonna turn off Google Analytics...

This post takes a lighthearted and self-deprecating look at analytics and metrics. I will use myself as the first example (not the woman in the picture), because I recently caught myself in a surprising analytics story. I will also get more serious toward the end. As many of you know, I took on a recent project to move my blog to self-hosted WordPress. One thing I learned in this move was how I had slowly become addicted to analytics: How do Page Views (on change when I posted various kinds [read more…]

Aug 042011
Who's responsible for the social identity of your organization?

Can you really rein in what’s said or written about your company? Do you use policies to enforce the rules? Do you still think social media is a fad? Last week, I read a post by Klint Finley titled “Study: Execs Aren’t Yet Sure What to do About Social Media.” It is a nice, short article, so I won’t mind if you jump over and skim it through before coming back here… If it is true that these executives “aren’t yet sure what to do”… Perhaps they are working on [read more…]

Aug 032011
Creativity, vision and visionary leadership

It struck me yesterday that vision in a business sense requires creativity, but that vision is not creativity. That is, we can certainly be creative without having vision. We could, for example, run around in our jammies with buckets on our heads. One space for creativity in business and technology is the space of “design”. To design anything is to plan, fashion or sketch out, so designers of strategies and designers of software plan or sketch out what they are producing. They take what is abstract and give it real properties, and [read more…]