May 132012
BYOD - to middle school?

Last week we had a local millage vote – I heard it cost our community $30,000 to run the special vote, with only one proposal on the ballot – to increase personal property taxes around $400 per year to buy iPads for every child in the school district, from kindergarten through senior high. Parents of students would have also been required to buy insurance for each device their kids brought home. The proposal was defeated by 2/3 majority. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Bring Your Own Device is a topic [read more…]

Feb 082012
Padding estimates and promises

A few days ago, we uncovered an opportunity that depended a lot on timing. If we could get it going in five days, we could exploit it… if it took longer than that, the timing was going to impact some other strategic concerns. I asked a developer for an estimate of the effort, and he said it would take ten days to complete. About my own estimates I have always been sensitive to suggest my own estimates to other developers. My estimates nearly always scared others, but I had a [read more…]

Sep 072011
Not victims of circumstance

Would work be any different if we stopped looking at change as something that primarily happens to us? What if we took responsibility for change, and not just reacting to it? Governance and change management are important practices in running a business, in managing a department or in leading a team. Meanwhile, it is easy to feel like the victim when overwhelming requests and obligations leave us struggling to survive the onslaught. At best, we just want some stability and not to feel so out-of-control. Change happens The Industrial Revolutions [read more…]