Sep 292011
Courage to act

Sometimes consultants get to show courage… more than a little. Sometimes they even have clarity of thought. Sometimes. It can take courage to deliver assessments that are not what clients want to hear, even when those assessments will help to mobilize powerful and effective actions for the future. At the same time, it also takes courage for their clients to receive those kinds of assessments and then act on them. I am coming to think this is the greater and more powerful kind of courage. Distinctions for courage A few [read more…]

Sep 122011
Getting started with a new agile team

Starting an agile project with a new team provides a great time to reflect on what we take for granted. It offers an opportunity to refocus on what we think is ultimately most important. We anticipate the questions new team members have. We see reservation as they engage teammates who have more experience. We’re ready for the moments they sometimes shut down or defer to others’ “leadership”, even as I hear them making sound observations and assertions, and leading the team in their own way. We watch their pensive expressions [read more…]

Aug 072011
Increasing your value to your team

Is it enough just to show up to work every day to be valued? How do you feel about people who drive all their action from their job description? When I consider the array of skills people bring to teams, it seems to me that the basic technical and professional skills of “the job” don’t make a huge difference to the team. In poker, the “ante” is the price you pay just to play the game. That’s like meeting the basic requirements of your job, and by itself doesn’t make [read more…]