Aug 242011

The next ten days...

This post is an informational update since I know I have been silent for a little over a week now. I have had a lot going on, after all the losing my voice, coughing and turning in as soon as I get home from work, I feel like I just got over a ten-day flu.

Anyway, I am about to head on vacation for the next ten days through Labor Day (USA), so I debated putting out one solid post, or just giving everybody an update and coming back in September with new legs under me…

So if you are reading this as the most recent post, you likely read more of my posts, because I don’t intend to share this one with a LinkedIn Group.

...should be better than the last ten days...

Based on that, and since you got this far in the reading, I am wondering two things:

  1. What do you think about the choice I had to make – would you make one solid leadership post and then disappear for another ten days, or give your readers an update so they know you didn’t really fall off the planet?
  2. If you had a say in steering the topics I could write about when I return, what would you like to discuss? Obviously those of you who know me better might feel more ready to jump in here, but I figured it might be neat to get your ideas even if we are new to each other.

As it stands, my editorial list has about 96 topics on it. Your ideas can direct me to what you have the most interest in discussing, and you may come up with topics I have not really thought about to this point.

...but I miss writing and having conversations with you.

I am thinking I may have gotten as run-down as I was because I was running a human experiment to post nearly every day while also holding my commitments to my work and my customers.

Coming back, I still have my list, but am thinking about cutting back to 3 posts per week, spending more time on them, and hopefully the result will be better for both of us.

So let me know how you think about forced time out from writing like I am going through, and share some of your preferences for conversations we can have together when I get back.

Until then…

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