Jun 012011

(The Aji NetworkI recently posted a LinkedIn update on my profile in which I recommended an offer of The Aji Network called “AjiSpace”. In this post I will expand on what I could only fit in LinkedIn’s 200 characters or so.)

The Aji Network

First, my relationship with The Aji Network is that of a student. The Aji Network is an educational organization for business professionals who are working to succeed in the top of the marketplace. It is for people concerned ultimately with providing a good life for our families throughout our careers and the ensuing 20-30 years of retirement after that. As a result, they target their offers for a narrow group of businesspeople who are serious to learn fundamental practices and distinctions that can help them succeed in their careers.

So while I write on an open blog and you can take or leave what you find here, you are not investing in learning from me for yourself or your career as you would through The Aji Network. For over thirty years, they have helped professionals achieve their lifestyle, financial and business ambitions, producing incomes well north of $400,000 per year. Their “Business Professional’s Course” (BPC) has seen student incomes rise over 80% during the 2-year period of enrollment, in contrast with the significant debts accumulated by businesspeople pursuing MBA programs.

The Aji Space

The Aji Space is an online learning management system with various writings, video and forums for students to participate in learning together how to succeed in our careers. It is like a gymnasium for practicing, sharing our thinking, and sometimes making mistakes and trying again. It gives us room for reciprocation (working together), recursion (deepening our knowledge) and recurrence (rinse and repeat) and in many ways is an oasis from the jargon and unprofessional moves we frequently encounter in business.

When paired with real practice a little every day (like writing your blogs), AjiSpace is more than another business book listed on the New York Times or another training session or seminar given by a professional speaker. It is a unique and powerful offer, and I am happy to recommend it.

Personal Results

If you are wondering at this point, my ROI in the BPC was over 300% in the first two years, but the meaning of anything we do is the full measure of its effect on our lives. I learned about autonomy and the drift of innovation. I learned about indifference in the marketplace and how to go beyond what people commonly call “differentiation” to study marginal utility, competitive learning, superior trust & leadership and reading the world. I learned how to make more powerful, higher value offers, and I learned about myself as an offer that I can design to be more valuable in the story of my career.

I am obligated to The Aji Network for learning like that, which I could not get from graduate school or from a professional association run by volunteers. My BPC group started with nearly 100 people and ended after two years with around 30, as students found that their “tuition” did not entitle them to succeed as universities may imply.

After the BPC, I continued for the next three years in the LEIP program, which is available as a strategic and competitive learning offer for a smaller group of BPC graduates who blend with those of previous years into an ongoing discourse of business leaders. It is an exclusive community of serious professionals whom I deeply respect. I continue to participate to this day as a student in AjiSpace as I have described.

As a general rule, I do not intend to promote products and services extensively on these pages. As I am working through other content I want to produce, however, I continue to encounter learning from The Aji Network that I want to reference when I get there. So I chose first to create this post so that I can link back to it when appropriate.

Please leave your comments or questions below. For more information, you can also refer to the Aji Space landing page at www.theajispace.com.

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